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The Joy of Cooking

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Culinary Training

At Urban Culinary Academy in Desert Hot Springs, California, we promote a nutritional movement to provide our community with education and hands-on training with an effecive social independence processes such as:

  • Eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Understanding the importance of using healthier ingredients
  • Using these items to sustain the right lifestyle choices 

We have a commitment to build respect, dignity, and self-esteem in our organization. Welcome a diversity of the communities that we serve in order to create an environment of inclusivity.

We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes community growth and empowerment.

Vision Statement

We strive to be a world leader at connecting families and communities to social economic independence. Our team aims to do this through food and nutrition which directly connects us all in so many aspects and stages of life. Society has misplaced the importance of gathering around the meal period and being family and friends, coworkers, and worshipers. Such relationships can build strong communities.

We strive to develop our disenfranchised individuals so that they aspire to eat healthy and live long productive lives. Studies show that people who eat healthier are more productive individuals.

With childhood obesity and high blood pressure along with diabetes destroying our communities, our vision is not only to educate but to train our communities through developing them at our location where we can give cooking demonstrations and seminars our goal is to start with the Coachella Valley and hopefully one day the entire state and country.

Core Values


Our commitment to show and treat all people with the highest regard.


Leading the industry with understanding then need for human work and thought process.


Responding to the call of the need from our communities


To be the leaders in servicing and developing our communities to economic and lifestyle changes.

Economic Development Projects

Urban Culinary Academy is a community-owned project with a mission to fulfill the need of culinary and nutritional education which is much needed today in one of the fastest growing employable markets food service.

Through the experienced guided hands of Executive Chef Melvin Jones and staff, we will give others the opportunity to become employable and productive citizens and leaders in their communities and families while supporting itself through retail products that will be developed by our individuals we serve from our community.

Our company will be giving back to the communities we serve.

The company was established by Melvin Jones, a resident of Desert Hot Springs. The motivation for the creation of the company came from his desire to carry on his family’s initiative in Pennsylvania and understanding the long lasting positive impact it had on the area.

Q’tee pies Café’s competitive advantages lie in the story behind the creation of the company, the products, Melvin’s strengths in relationships, management skills, and ability to serve the community.

This gives us the ability to attain a sustainable level of profitability and meet production demands. We employ train residents of this community. In joint venture with the various programs that our great county offers, we will offer training and employment for all those trying to make a difference in the world today to further strengthen the community.

This will be accomplished by utilizing a restaurant and baking facility that will be housed at a different location for the start. The restaurant, while providing both training and skilled jobs, will be operated by Melvin Jones. 

Socialization and Cultural Awareness Prospects

Direct Target Market With Direct Care Services

  • Parole and Probation Participants
  • Single Parents
  • Families in Transitional Need
  • Individuals Reentering Into Society
  1. Cooking demos with fresh fruit and veggies
  2. Training on ingredients to prepare healthy food
  3. How to use various cooking equipment
  4. Hands-on training in the front and back of the house operations
  5. Purchasing for business needs
  6. Meal planning

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